4 Reasons The Travel & Hospitality Industries Will Become More Accessible

Whether you’re traveling across town or across the country, it takes planning. Flights, ground transportation, finding accessible dining options, making sure your seats at the concert you’re attending are accessible – I founded brettapproved to give everyone a tool that helps take the guesswork out of travel.

Now everyone who’s concerned about accessibility can review hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues, then score them accordingly. Think of it this way: every place you review tells us where we can go and have a good time regardless of our ability level. How cool is that? I’ll answer my own question … it’s awesome!

But seriously, why is this so important? Read on friends, these stats speak volumes.

1. According to the US Census Bureau, 56.7 million people have some kind of disability. That is nearly 1-in-5 people! It’s also up from 49.5 million ten years prior. Notice a trend?

2. 30.6 million people have difficulty walking or climbing stairs, or use a wheelchair, cane or walker to get around.

3. 60% of people with disabilities travel long distances of 100 miles or more. Sidebar: We believe a site like brettapproved will help even more travel further from home.

4. 55% of air travelers with disabilities experience problems at airports. Sidebar: brettapproved will help lower this number.

These are big numbers that deliver a resounding message – we’re out in force and traveling for work and pleasure. It isn’t just about travel, either. We love eating at restaurants. Who has time to cook, anyway? We’re attending ball games (speaking of games, my Angels need to find some offense!) and going to the movies (if you haven’t seen Birdman or Whiplash yet what are you waiting for?).

In short, people with disabilities are living life. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: People in chairs are just like everybody else, we just sit down more. The time for brettapproved is now – our time is now.

We want establishments that are accessible and treat us with respect to know that we appreciate them, and give them bragging rights. We want other places to crave those same bragging rights, and ultimately become brettapproved.

It only takes a minute to become a part of the brettapproved community. The next time you’re out to eat or staying in a hotel, leave a review. Let’s create a movement – together!





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