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At brettapproved, we love hearing about your travel adventures.  Whether you’re taking a day trip, or a journey around the world, it’s always nice to get away.

Our friend Maureen and her husband Adam recently visited the Big Apple, New York City.  She shared with us something that many people don’t realize, “NYC (Manhattan) is a very accessible city!”  Here are some other details of her trip with recommendations and a host of accessible resources in the city…

We had already seen all the tourist sights pre-wheelchair, so we explored the rest of the city. We saw a Broadway show, visited the 9/11 memorial, and ate lots of excellent food! We highly recommend the street vendors, the Paulaner NYC Bowery and the Empire Steak House E50th

We drove there (12 hours) and parked, but didn’t drive around the city. Now that we are seasoned taxi users, next time we will just fly! (We had never used a taxi service before this trip!)

The accessible taxi service was awesome! You just call them up and tell them your location for pickup. They call you back to tell you a taxi has been dispatched and how far away it is and they then arrive within 15 minutes or less.  The City’s Accessible Dispatch program allows wheelchair users to request a wheelchair-accessible taxi for a pickup anywhere in Manhattan to a destination anywhere in the five boroughs, Westchester County, Nassau County or Newark Airport. Passengers pay the metered taxi fare; no advance reservation is necessary. Get an accessible taxi for a pickup in Manhattan by calling 646-400-0789. You can also text.

In the event that you need medical assistance, NY Hotel Urgent Medical Services has physicians on call 24 hours. Same-day appointments and emergency hotel calls are available.  (We didn’t need it, but it was good to know the service was there)

Here’s an excellent site for all of the Broadway Theaters. If you hover over Accessibility under each theater, you can see what accessibility options they offer. I found that it was cheaper to get tickets from Ticketmaster and I could see and pick out the accessible seats I wanted.

Here is a link with lots of Accessibility info for New York City in general.

Thank you so much for sharing with us Adam and Maureen!  We’d love to hear about your accessible travels as well.  Send us an email, [email protected].

And of course you can contribute your brettapproved reviews anytime as well.  You can find Maureen’s review of the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in NYC right here.  She rated it a perfect 10 out of 10!


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