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Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Cory Lee by phone and learning more about his life and work. Cory is full of adventure. His voice is bright, strong, and upbeat, as though he is about to experience something wonderful and is asking you along for the ride. Cory runs the blog site, He’s a globetrotter on wheels and writes frequently about his travels. I can’t wait to meet and travel with Cory myself.

Where was the last trip you took?

“Israel in August. I was there about eight or nine days and traveled all over the country. I started in Haifa and went to Nazareth, Tel Aviv, down to the Dead Sea and on to Jerusalem.”

“This may have been my favorite trip of all time. It was so much more than I expected it to be. I didn’t expect it to be accessible as it is an historical country. But it blew away my expectations. Israel has spent a great deal of effort in the last few years to make the country more accessible.”

“I went not knowing what to expect. I hadn’t done much research in advance, so I hopped on a plane with a blank slate in my mind. The variety of activities was wonderful. We took a hot air balloon over the Negev desert – and yes, it’s completely accessible. Meeting the people, eating locally, and seeing the sights was like eating from a smorgasbord.”

“And I was surprised by the intensity of the experience. For example, we went to the Western Wall in Jerusalem and, while I’m not Jewish, I found myself deeply spiritually moved by the experience and by being among people of all faiths in this holy place.”

Where are you headed next?

“I’m headed to NYC on Thursday to film a piece for CBS News on me, my life, and accessible travel.
They’ll follow me around NYC, as we try to navigate accessible cabs and sights. Then I’m headed to South Africa to the Kruger National Park for a safari. You’ll be able to read about the safari on my blog site, when I get back home, of course.”

What’s your next big adventure in business?

“Well, I’ll be doing my first brettapproved branded members tour to Thailand in January, 2018 and I’m pretty jazzed about it. Obviously we’ll see Bangkok, but I’d like to also see outlying areas such as Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand and Pattaya, with its world-famous beaches.”

“This is a nine or ten-day tour and we’ll have more particulars, as well as pricing and exact dates on the new brettapproved website when it launches in just a few weeks. So if you’re reading this, keep your eyes peeled for it!”

This tour is titled: “CurbFree Thailand with Cory Lee” It is limited to 8 travelers using wheelchairs and 8 able-bodied travel pals. Two wheelchair slots are already filled.

For more information about traveling with Cory Lee or to put your name on a list to join us on this tour, email us at [email protected].

What’s your hottest travel trip?

“Never go to the same place twice. The world’s too wonderful and there’s always more to see.”


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