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Celebrate what works

Tell us about places that work for you: restaurants around the corner or around the world, hotels, theaters, museums, playgrounds, concert halls, or National Parks. Wherever you go, take photos of the accessible features and share them here on brettapproved, so we all know what to expect.


Remember: focus on what does work and how to optimize your experience of any place. Just because an venue or activity gets a low brettscore does not mean ‘don’t go.’ It just means, this place is awesome and worth your while; just be prepared. For example, you can go skydiving and scuba diving if you are quadriplegic. Don’t expect a 10 brettscore, If you’ve been skydiving or scuba diving, dining out, flying around the world or around the corner to see a movie, we want to know where, who made it happen, and how to optimize our experience, so we can go enjoy it too.


  • Here are the photos you’ll generally need for hotels: parking, entry/doorway, check-in, hallways, elevators/lifts, sleeping room (look for the placement of bed and furnishings to determine room to maneuver, electric outlets, access to windows), bathrooms (try to capture shower, seating, toilet, grab bars, sink), hotel features such as pool/hot tub, and public spaces.
  • For a restaurant, you’ll generally want these photos: parking, entry, aisle widths, seating options, restroom hallway/access, toilet stall with grab bars.
  • For almost any location or venue, you’ll want parking, entry, pathways, restroom. Pay special attention to slope and ground surface as many of our readers use manual chairs.

Thanks for helping us map the accessibility of our world!

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