Kevin’s review of Secrets at St. James, Montego Bay, Jamaica

At brettapproved we love hearing about your travels, no matter where they might take you.  In the near future will be able to accept reviews from all over the world.  For now, we’re U.S.-centric.  HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean we can’t still share the valuable information about the accessibility of your favorite international destinations!


Our friend Kevin recently went to Montego Bay in Jamaica and from the looks of the pictures he sent us he had a fantastic time!  Kevin also shared with us a few observations about the accessibility of the resort and you’ll find those below.

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SECRETS AT ST. JAMES: This is definitely a wheelchair friendly resort. We were able to go through the entire resort with ease and without assistance.  Beach access however, was limited to a few areas that were accessible to both chairs and distance to the water…but this was not a negative, by any means. Assistance is needed to go onto the beach, as there are no cement walkways to access the water.  But if asked, there was always a willing and helpful staff member that would not only help us onto the beach, but also into the water.

In regards to the rooms…the bathrooms are completely set up so that the person in the chair and their companion, would have plenty of room.  The roll-in shower, made for 2 people, has handhelds and rainfall shower heads. The room itself allows for limited wheelchair movement.  With two beds in the room, we were not able to use our sitting area and had to move the coffee table to create space.  The beds are a little too high for a person in a chair to transfer onto and off of safely without assistance.

The restaurants are spread out nicely and completely accommodating for wheelchairs regardless of whether you choose to eat inside or outside.

The spa is also available for someone in a chair.  The staff is willing to help you enjoy a day at the spa, like anyone else would.

In closing, I would highly recommend this resort for couples that have the wheelchair factor, since this resort does not limit or restrict you in any way.  The beauty, luxury, attention to detail and a dedicated staff, make this resort our favorite.

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