New Year New Possibilities

Note: This blog was originally a Facebook post wishing everyone a Happy New Year. I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank our investors and everyone who works tirelessly to make brettapproved, Inc. what it is. In particular, I’d like to thank: Gillian, Travis, Jason, Walt and Anne. We wouldn’t be where we are without each of you.

As we prepare to usher in the possibilities of a new year, it’s impossible not to think about the 365 days that preceded the fresh start 2016 will provide.

As an entrepreneur, son, brother, husband, uncle and friend I don’t fear failure. Rather, I fear the consequences of living an unexamined life and not living up to my own potential. Consequently, I try to be thoughtful and measured in my responses to the people I meet and the circumstances of the day.

Sometimes I succeed but more often than not, due to innate human frailty I suppose, I fall short. I lose my temper, ignore my wife because I have one more meeting to attend or email to send. You know the drill. Ultimately, for whatever reason, I fall short of the ideals I set for myself.

My goal for 2016 is the same as it is every day of my life – I expect to be a better man today than I was yesterday. That also means being a better leader and CEO for brettapproved.

Starting brettapproved and the adventure that’s ensued, has been the most challenging professional endeavor of my life. I have been blessed with tremendous professional opportunities and mentors through the years. I’ve worked in the non-profit and for-profit spheres, met amazing people as a journalist, worked tirelessly on behalf of Maricopa Integrated Health System and TSYS Acquiring Solutions but nothing prepared me for the mental, emotional and physically exhausting rigors of creating something – brettapproved – from nothing.

As a company we have enjoyed amazing days and days so trying they seem endless. Through it all, you have been there. I’d like to thank the entire brettapproved community for your support and encouragement throughout 2015.

We’re a startup. As such, we’re going to make mistakes, and we have. Thank you for understanding that mistakes, while painful, produce outstanding opportunities to learn and improve. Thank you for supporting something that was nothing more than idea in 2012. We’ve come a long way – together.

And while there remains much work to be done, tonight is a night to enjoy family and friends and embrace the power of possibility that’s synonymous with a new year.

Tomorrow is a gift wanted by all but promised to none … so let’s make today worth remembering. Happy New Year!

All my best,


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