One call changed it all: Brian’s epic journey

Brian the transfer-bench

I’m Brian, I’m a transfer-bench and this is my story.

I was hanging out with my boys in the warehouse when, at 1:36 p.m., I got THE CALL. I remember it like it was yesterday because, well, it was yesterday. 

“This is it! I’m finally fulfilling an order,” I thought. “Where am I going? Is FedEx or UPS in my future? Who will I be helping?” These were just some of the questions racing through my mind after a lifetime of waiting.

When you’ve been in “the house” as long as I have, you make friends. One of mine, Steve, let me know I was ordered by a guy named Brett and I’d be shipping out to the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg, Illinois for something called an “Abilities Expo.”

Now I’ll admit, I’d never heard of Schaumburg or an Abilities Expo, but who cares? This is my time to shine! Steve explained that after Brett discovered he didn’t get a room with the roll-in shower he had requested, Brett ordered me! Take that roll-in shower! How ya like me now!? BOOM!

Forgive my outburst. Roll-in showers are fantastic, but man do they know it. My cousin Jill, a fold-up, permanent shower bench in a three-star hotel 10 clicks outside Milwaukee, dated one for almost three weeks last fall. Sparks are bound to fly when you’re working together in close quarters like that but alas, fierce flames burn quickly. 

I only met Stan once but he spent the e-n-t-i-r-e night yammering about how accessible he is. We get it Stan, you’re awesome. NOT! Honestly, everyone knows he’s nothing without Jill. I mean a roll-in shower without a permanent, fold-up bench is like a car without an engine. Say it with me, they’re both “no bueno.” 

The opportunity of a lifetime

I talked with Brett for the first time today. His passion, energy and drive to help people with disabilities travel confidently is contagious! His entire crew is stoked to make a difference and I fit right in because I’m built to serve. Ah, natural synergy, there’s nothing like it!

When Brett asked me to be a guest blogger I practically collapsed. It’s a good thing I have four legs to keep me steady. Hey-Ohh! Thank you very much! I’ll be here all week! What can I say? I’ve always wanted to be a stand-up comedian 😉 BAZINGA! 

But seriously folks, it’s great working with people who understand that “celebrating what works” means thinking outside the box and ordering a transfer-bench (me) if that’s what it takes to make sure people remember their trip for the right reasons.

What’s really cool is that Brett’s going to leave me at the Renaissance, courtesy of, so future guests can shower more conveniently. 

That’s not all. Whenever Brett travels and a room with a roll-in shower isn’t available, he’s going to order one of my friends. They’ll get shipped to wherever he’s staying and, you guessed it, stay behind for future guests to enjoy.

This is so much bigger than little ‘ole me. I’m so excited, I could – SING! Oh yeah! “I like big butts and I cannot lie, you other benches can’t deny! … baby got back!” Sorry, I got caught up in the emotion of it all. For a second I was a sophomore in high school again. Man, I love ‘90s hip-hop. Surprised? Don’t be. I’m a transfer-bench with soul.

The rest of the story

Now, back to business. Roll-in showers like Stan, and permanent, fold-up benches like Jill, are ideal, but when the rooms they’re in are booked, I’m a more than capable substitute. You see, two of my legs sit outside the tub and two (with suction-cups) sit inside the tub. Pretty cool, right?

My design makes using a once inaccessible traditional tub shower easy-peasy. I’m not bragging or anything (Ok maybe I am a little bit) but I provide a level of stability that run-of-the-mill stools can’t. Period.

It’s an honor to be the spokesbench for I look forward to the day our paths cross again. Oh, and if you’re ever at the Renaissance in Schaumburg don’t be a stranger. If you need me, call the front desk and I’ll be up in a jiffy.

Humbly yours,


-A soulful server of the people


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