Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Kanika Davis, Ms. Wheelchair Virginia

There’s a saying that I’m quite fond of and it goes a little something like this: “If you want to make God laugh, tell Him what your plans are.”
As an entrepreneur, this saying is particularly poignant given that often times, nothing goes as planned. But there are pleasant surprises along the way, like meeting great new people who share your belief that life is defined by experiences.

This summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Kanika Davis. The 30-year-old Virginia native, who exudes a quiet confidence, recently represented her home state at the Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant in Long Beach, California. She refuses to let anything stop her from living the life she’s imagined. I was so impressed by her, I thought you needed to meet her too. In the post that follows, Kanika talks about the important role travel plays in her life. Let’s show her some brettapproved love. – Brett

Planes, Trains and Automobiles – A guest post by Kanika Davis

In July of 1999 during a surgery that was completely unrelated to my spine, doctors told me that my spinal cord was damaged. Given that until then I was an able-bodied teenager, this was devastating news. At that time, I couldn’t have imagined how much my perspective on life would change.

As a wheelchair user I never thought I’d develop a passion for traveling given the many barriers one faces.  Many people are curious and ask me if I’m scared to travel alone. The truth is, traveling can be a bit intimidating but if I let the “what ifs” take over I’d miss out on some amazing experiences.

Traveling is important to me because of the fulfillment it brings.  Nothing beats getting out there and soaking up the beauty of our world. I love learning what other cities have to offer and delighting my senses by trying local food. The excitement of meeting new people only adds to the adventure. I continue drawing strength from my first trip post-injury to Orlando, Florida. It was a powerful experience because I proved to myself that I could live the life I wanted in spite of my new circumstances.

Yes, there are challenges along the way. The hassle of booking a hotel and not knowing how “accessible” it really is, finding accessible activities, figuring out how accommodating transportation will be …  these are just some of the things that I think about when planning a trip. Finding answers to these questions is why I think brettapproved is so important. As brettapproved continues to grow, it will take some of the guesswork out of traveling.

Even with all of the challenges involved,  I refuse to let anything stop me from traveling. Hence my platform as Ms. Wheelchair Virginia: Life Beyond Limits.  More than just words, Life Beyond Limits epitomizes my mindset.

I have had the pleasure of traveling by plane and automobile to all my destinations so far.  I cannot imagine life without having an opportunity to explore what our world has to offer. Happy traveling everybody!

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