Synopsis from “Travel for All” Podcast

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending time with Tarita Davenock as a guest on her Travel for All podcast. It was a blast! Below you’ll find timestamps for various topics we discussed during the show. I’d like to thank Tarita for the opportunity. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

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You can listen to the podcast here.

14:35 – “Making sure the right people get the right hotel rooms”…why there is a need for BA.

16:10 – How BA works (creating reviews, user generated content).

17:20 – “The world isn’t made for people in wheelchairs.” How BA makes it easier for the disabled to overcome challenges.

19:45 – The importance of setting expectations. How BA can help prepare people ahead of time to make a good impression.

22:20 – “Everything in life is relationship driven.” The BA community on social media.

25:55 – “Everything worth doing is challenging.” Creating & running a business.

26:50 – “Biggest challenge of being a CEO.”

31:00 – Voice of a unified disabled community, economic power.

32:45 – “There are 1.6 billion disabled people on the planet.”

33:45 – “Nobody wants the physical challenges they face to define them.”

34:30 – How to create a review. What aspects of the review are important to the disabled community?

40:00 – “It is incumbent upon all of us in the disabled community to make a good impression.”

41:00 – “What types of questions do you get from the BA community?”

45:40 – How to reach Brett.

50:15 – “People want to share their opinions and know that they’re not alone.”

52:45 – “Traveling will show you how blessed you truly are and how the challenges you face are not that significant.”

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