The 2015 brettapproved Report on the Disabled Traveler Market 

Throughout the past three years, the brettapproved team has conducted an ad hoc survey of people who use wheelchairs at airports, restaurants, hotels, conferences, expo’s and other venues around the country and around the world.

We asked, “When staying at a hotel, how often do you get the accessibility equipment you expected, based on the room you reserved?”

The response shocked even us. Respondents, who use wheelchairs or travel with someone who does, reported that more than 80 percent of the time, they do not get a room that meets their expectations or needs. 

We know and fully accept that the actual percentage of time a person traveling in a wheelchair receives the wrong room may be less than 80 percent.

However, what this survey demonstrates is that the problem of not receiving accessible accommodations is so widespread and commonplace that travelers are left with the impression that they “almost never” get the room they booked and were promised. Indeed, was founded to solve this very problem. Watch our story here.

We Can Solve This!

Today, we’re excited to report that brettapproved is building a booking platform that we hope will solve this problem. We’ll keep you updated via our newsletter when we’re ready to test the platform. To receive our newsletter, sign up here – it’s free. 

Below, we’ve shared the results of our research into the fastest growing market segment in hospitality – the disabled travel market.

Browse through some of the stats; we think you’ll find them interesting. If you have more stats and information sources, share them with us. Email: [email protected]; she’s always hungry for more data. 

For hotel managers:

If you’re a hotel manager and want to be part of the brettapproved program to increase bookings and ADR of accessible rooms and improve your guest experience in this fast growing and highly valuable market, send us an email. We’ll get in touch right away.

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