The chicken or the egg dilemma

Foghorn Leghorn

New companies, like children, need to be nurtured, protected and allowed to grow. In business, growth is synonymous with capital. The two walk hand-in-hand like oh, I don’t know, peas and carrots or – you know where I’m going – Forest and Jenny.

If we don’t put them (children or a fledgling businesses) in a position to be successful when they’re young, how can we expect them to mature into productive members of society? The simple answer is … we can’t.

I’m proud to have solid relationships with a number of Valley entrepreneurs and investors. Recently, along with my COO, I presented to a respected group of Phoenix-based investors. The process proved to be a valuable learning experience.

Much of their feedback focused on scaling our business and continuing to put a team in place capable of driving the business forward. We need capital to scale and to continue growing, but we can’t get capital because we’re too young from a company lifecycle standpoint – hence we’re smack in the middle of our very own chicken or the egg dilemma.

Thinking about said dilemma reminds me of my favorite Foghorn Leghorn quote: “That boy’s about as sharp as a bowling ball.” I love this quote because it describes entrepreneurs perfectly. Honestly, sometimes (by “sometimes” I mean pretty much every day) I question my own sanity as obstacles continue to be placed in my path, but then I remember that life isn’t about proving people wrong, it’s about proving yourself right.

Together with my team, I’m determined to build in Phoenix. My unwavering belief may make me “as sharp as a bowling ball.” Who knows? One thing’s for sure, time will tell. ?

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