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I believe life is defined by experiences, so it makes sense then that I’m happiest on the road. Whether I’m traveling for work or for fun, what I dig is that I’m out of the office, away from my iMac and connecting with people instead of the Internet.

Last month I attended the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles. For the uninitiated, Abilities Expos are essentially tradeshows that showcase anything and everything that could potentially benefit people with disabilities.

The highlight of the weekend was meeting Mary Taloff, live and in living color, for the first time. I connected with Mary last year around Thanksgiving by way of an email introduction from a mutual friend.

After exchanging a few emails, I jumped on a call with Mary and quickly discovered that she’s intelligent, articulate, thoughtful, eager to learn, excited to grow professionally, the owner of an infectious giggle and ready to contribute to the success of anything she’s passionate about. In summary, she’s a force.

Sidebar: If you’re reading this and you know Mary because you’ve interviewed her for a position within your organization – hire her immediately. You WILL NOT regret it. We now return to our regularly scheduled blog post, already in progress.

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I asked her to review some places for brettapproved and without hesitation, she jumped right in. Given that she’d done some canvasing work while attending college in northern California, I asked her if she’d be willing to meet in L.A. at the expo to help me promote brettapproved. Before I could even finish my sentence, she said yes.

This was fantastic news! But because brettapproved is a pre-revenue startup, Mary, and her best friend/assistant Bethany, had to finance their trip. Undaunted, Mary accomplished this goal in a matter of days thanks to a well orchestrated Go Fund Me campaign propelled by the generosity of family and friends.

I want the above paragraph to marinate for a minute so I’m gonna hit the ‘pause’ button ever so briefly. In case you missed it, here’s the abridged version: Mary believes so much in brettapproved that she funded her own trip to L.A. to help spread the word. Awesome! Not to mention humbling.

We made a ton of new friends, including Richard, Carlos and Ray from pushrim, a social media site for people like us who live life on wheels, and I reconnected with some old friends like Bobby and Ernie from Colours, and Christina from MV1.

The trip served as a concrete example that, say it with me, life is defined by experiences. In fact, L.A. was such a good time that we can’t wait for next month’s Abilities Expo in Jersey. We hope to see you there!

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