The Golden Couple


September 17, 1966 is the day my life would change forever. Of course, I wouldn’t know it until I was born more than nine years later in the fall of 1975. In truth, I wouldn’t fully appreciate the gravity of that day until now.

Ask someone who attended the wedding of Eugene Heising Jr. to Barbara Hertzfeld and they’ll tell you it was a perfect late summer day. With cotton candy-like clouds dotting an otherwise flawless, deep blue sky, stillness pervaded St. Patrick Church. It’s as if everyone knew they were witnessing a match between two kindred spirits that was simply meant to be.

The quaint, red-brick, rural church had seen hundreds of weddings since it first welcomed parishioners in 1845 but this one, on this day, was different. It was different because my mom and dad truly dedicated themselves to living a life together with faith and family at its core.

It’s comforting to know that love and mutual respect do, in very rare cases, stand the test of time. When this happens, and two people stand united through triumphs and tragedies – as one year melts into the next – and new and exciting becomes sturdy and steadfast, it deserves to be celebrated.

So this weekend with my wife Claudia, my sister Kristen, her husband Scott and their three children: Samuel, Elizabeth and Benjamin, we’ll hit the “pause” button on our hectic lives to honor their five decades together.


Congratulations on 50 amazing years, mom and dad!

With love and respect,
Brett, Claudia, Kristen, Scott, Sam, Liz and Ben

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